JM Robson Aquatic Centre – Cashless Trial

The JM Robson Aquatic Centre is considering the trial of a cashless Centre, including the kiosk. Council is seeking customer feedback on the concept of a cashless Centre. 

The JM Robson Aquatic Centre consistently banks low amounts of cash. It consumes Council’s limited resources to handle, count and balance cash each day.

Accepting only non-cash payments removes the risk of theft and robbery, creating a safer work environment for staff.

The cashless payment options at the Aquatic Centre would be:

  • EFTPOS – credit and debit cards;
  • “Load and Go” stored value card which can be easily topped up at the Centre; and
  • EziDebit – direct debit from bank accounts for Learn to Swim; this option will be extended to membership payments in time.

Throughout a proposed trial period later in 2019, cash payments would still be accepted if a customer has no other means of payment. Council’s decision to trial a cashless Centre will take into account customer feedback.

Cashless Trial Feeback

Cashless Trial Feeback

If you would like to know the outcome of customer feedback process, please include your details below: