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Draft Lithgow 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

The Draft Lithgow 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement outlines the vision for land use planning over the next twenty (20) years to 2040 along with a set of key planning priorities, principles and actions to guide future land use decisions.

The key role of the Local Strategic Planning Statement is to:

  • provide a 20-year land use vision for the LGA;
  • outline the special characteristics which contribute to local identity;
  • identify shared community values to be enhanced or maintained;
  • direct how future growth and change will be managed;
  • identify and give local effect to the goals, directions and actions of the Central West and Orana Regional Plan; and
  • identify where further detailed strategic planning may be needed.


What we have heard from the Community

Council has undertaken significant community consultation programs for a range of strategic planning projects in the recent past. The following key messages have consistently been received that we feel still holds true and have not substantially changed over time.

Community Values:

  • Cohesive and inclusive community
  • Scenic and conservation Areas/landscape
  • Proximity to major centres
  • Lifestyle
  • Heritage
  • Local character and identity

Future Direction:

  • Provision and retention of local jobs
  • Diverse economy
  • Matching infrastructure and growth with community needs
  • Attractive public spaces and places
  • Education and skills to retain and engage youth
  • Planning for an ageing community
  • Promotion of tourism

It is these values and directions that have helped build the Lithgow 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement.

Our Vision

“The Lithgow region is an ideally located strategic centre with an evolving economy and a resilient and connected community which embraces its proud heritage and world class natural environment.”

Our LSPS at a Glance 

Please have your say

The public consultation and exhibition of Draft Lithgow Local Strategic Planning Statement has now CLOSED.  Council would like to thank all those who took the opportunity to review the Draft statement and provide your feedback to Council.

Council officers will now review the feedback and prepare a final Local Strategic Planning Statement for consideration and adoption by the elected Council.

A copy of the written submissions and feedback received is provided below.  Note some submissions have been redacted to remove personal contact information where such was requested by the submitter.


LPS Target Timeline

Document Library

Draft Lithgow 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement

Draft Lithgow 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement

Draft Lithgow 2040 LSPS Summary Document

Draft Lithgow 2040 LSPS Summary Document


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)?

Recent changes to legislation in March 2018 requires that all Councils in NSW prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) for their respective Local Government Areas (LGAs).

An LSPS is a 20 year land use planning vision that:

–  Highlights the values and characteristics of an LGA,

–  Identifies the opportunities and challenges facing an LGA, and

–  Outlines how growth and change will be managed to accommodate and reflect this.

The LSPS must give effect to the directions outlined in the Central West and Orana Regional Plan 2036 and should be consistent with the objectives found in Lithgow’s Community Strategic Plan 2030.

Why do we need an LSPS?

The NSW Government requires that every Council in NSW prepare an LSPS. The LSPS will provide direction for how future growth and change will be managed in the Lithgow LGA.

The LSPS will also guide changes to the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014 and related documents to ensure Council’s planning policies reflect our vision for the LGA.

How is the LSPS different to the Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

Local strategic planning statements focus on the vision and priorities for land use in the local area whereas community strategic plans (prepared under the Local Government Act 1993) have a broader focus on achieving the long term social, environmental and economic aspirations of the community. The CSP is the governing document Council in its strategic business planning across all of its activities.

Is the LSPS part of Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP)?

The LSPS is a separate document that informs the LEP.  It may inform changes to the development standards and strategic controls of the LEP.

Will the LSPS change the zoning of my land?

A separate process will be undertaken for implementing the changes to Lithgow’s LEP and DCP as outlined in the LSPS Priorities and Actions and further strategic works to be undertaken.  These changes are likely to involve the planning controls (i.e. zoning and design guidelines) located in these documents.

You will be given the opportunity to have your say on these changes, as the process will be subject to the normal public consultation requirements and will need to be supported by Council before they can proceed.

How often should an LEP and LSPS be reviewed and updated?

Section 3.21 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) requires councils, every five years, to review their LEP and determine what updates are required.

Council can review and update our LEP more regularly than this if required. An LSPS is required to be updated at least every 7 years as a minimum. It too, however, can be updated more regularly than the legislated 7-year time period.

Council has undertaken a preliminary Health Check on the Lithgow LEP 2014 as part of the process in developing the LSPS. As a result Council will be preparing an initial house-keeping LEP amendment in the second half of 2020 and will follow up with a major review following the completion of the major strategy work outlined in the LSPS priorities and actions in the second half of 2021.

Can I make a submission?

Yes. Written submissions on the draft Lithgow 2040 LSPS are welcomed until 9 April 2020.

How can I make a submission?

Written submissions should be addressed to the General Manager and mailed to PO Box 19 Lithgow or emailed to council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au marked to the attention of the General Manager.

All submissions should include your name and address to ensure that it is duly considered. All submissions will be published on Councils website, so if you do not wish your name and address to be published you should state such in your submission.

Please note that details of your submission, including your name and address may be accessed by the public under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. Submissions should therefore not include references of a personal nature or any commercial in confidence information.

What will happen to my submission?

Once the exhibition period has concluded, all submissions will be reviewed and issues identified by the community will be carefully considered by Council. All submissions will be acknowledged and placed on Councils website. A report will be prepared for Council’s consideration, and Council may decide to amend the Draft Lithgow 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement or not. If significant changes are made, the draft plan may require re-exhibition.

For further information

To find out more information at any time during the exhibition period contact Council’s Strategic Land Use Planning Team, Sherilyn Hanrahan or Christian Matthews at council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au or by calling 02 63549999.

Keep checking back into this page which will be updated as we move through this process.