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Mobile Phone Coverage


Lithgow City Council is asking residents within the LGA to complete this survey if they are having problems with their existing mobile phone cover.

Council is responding to complaints from some residents that mobile phone calls are dropping out and/or mobile phone coverage areas are not as portrayed by some providers.



By making a submission to this survey Council may make public details of your submission, which are not of a personal nature. Should you not wish details of your submission to be disclosed you should include a clear statement to this effect in the further comment section of the form..  Under these circumstances Council will consider your request and may not publicly release a copy.
Council will only consider the release of personal information in compliance with the General Information Public Access Act, 2009 (GIPA Act 2009).


Mobile Phone Coverage Survey

mobile coverage
Is the area where you experience mobile coverage problems your home address? If other, please provide location?
Have you noticed if