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Proposed Off Leash Dog Park – Vale Of Clwydd


At its meeting on 26 August 2019, Council resolved to place on exhibition for a period of 28 days to seek community feedback on the proposed off leash dog park in the vicinity behind the Hartley Vale Hall.

Submissions can be completed using the form on this page or should be addressed to the:

General Manager
Lithgow City Council
PO Box 19

or via email to council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au 

Submissions should be received no later the 4.00 pm Friday 8th November 2019.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Council’s Building and Recreation Manager, Mr David Anderson.



By making a submission to this survey Council may make public details of your submission, which are not of a personal nature. Should you not wish details of your submission to be disclosed you should include a clear statement to this effect in the further comment section of the form..  Under these circumstances Council will consider your request and may not publicly release a copy.
Council will only consider the release of personal information in compliance with the General Information Public Access Act, 2009 (GIPA Act 2009).


Community Feedback- Proposed Off Leash Dog Park

Proposed Off Leash Dog Park – Vale Of Clwydd
I would like to receive updates regarding the proposed off leash dog park