All documents which inform the development of the Special Rate Variation Application can be viewed here:

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

The Draft Operational Plan 2018/19 and Draft Fees & Charges 2018/19 for part of Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework a suite of plans that will guide the future direction of the Lithgow LGA over the next 10 years and includes:

The Community Strategic Plan 2030

2019-2029 Long Term Financial Plan

2019-2029 Strategic Asset Management Plan

Supplementary Workforce Plan 2017-2021


Asset Mangagement Study

In May/June an Asset Management Study  Survey was undertaken by  Micromex Research to identify community priorities, and to inform long-term management and resourcing strategies for the assets of Lithgow City Council. 

The survey was conducted using a three stage methodology, commencing with a computer based random selection process to 631 residents of the Lithgow City Council. This initial telephone survey contained a selection of pre-measures to ensure that participants were representative of the Lithgow City Council community.  This first stage was followed with a mail out of an information pack explaining the various asset management options that are being considered by Council. In the third stage, Micromex Research conducted telephone interviews with 401 of the initial 631 community residents completing the survey.

In summary, findings from the survey research demonstrate that:

  • All assets are viewed as priorities by residents, with Council having the opportunity to increase satisfaction with service delivery by addressing any community issues or concerns with community assets.
  • There are high levels of support for Council to increase investment in order to achieve better outcomes in regards to the quality of assets.
  • Half of Lithgow City Council residents accept that they need to pay more, either indirectly via rates or directly via service fees and charges, in order for Council to have the required funding to increase investment in community assets.
  • The consultation process was positively received by the community, significantly improving overall satisfaction with council.

To view a full copy of the survey report click on the link

Asset Management Study Survey Report – Prepared by Micromex Research

To view the Information Pack provided to survey participants click on the link

Asset Study Survey Information Pack

Following completion of the telephone survey, a copy of the survey and the Information Pack was placed online from 30 July to 10 August to provide community members who did not participate in the telephone survey with an opportunity to be a part of the process and have their say.

To view a copy of the raw data collected from the online version of the Asset Management Study click here